You could meet new products in the VR and AR categories, the first in the world and the first in Korea of 2018. Be the first to see this year’s expected work.

Date : April, 19(Thu) 13:00~
Place : Showcase place(middle of the exhibition site)
Audience : Press, Visitor
13:00~13:20FakeeyesVR Multiplayer Mobile FPS game ‘Colony Avengers)
13:20~13:40KAI360-degree rendering technology optimized for content, high-quality 360-degree video streaming technology ‘Rich 360’
13:40~14:00Reality MagiQVR Multiplay shooting game ‘INFINITE FIRE: ARENA’, ‘EVIL FIRE’
14:00~14:20GigachanVRSM ((Plant and Ship Management VR Solutions)
14:20~14:40DooribunVR Fear Attraction ‘Fear The Wheelchair_Seven’, ‘Vampirism VR’
14:40~15:00FluxPlanet4D Scanner Solution for production for Realistic character
15:00~15:20Studio CoinVR Safety Experience Center
15:20~15:40Motion TechnologyWalking VR game ‘Black Badge’
15:40~16:00Ucon CreativeNational Treasure No. 285, 3 kinds of VR experience contents
16:00~16:20Mog Communications360 Video Production equipment ‘VR Plus’