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Company Information
VIRNECT is the fast-growing company with the highest technological power in the field of
AR. AR can display information without space constraints, effectively improving ineffective
and dangerous tasks in the industrial field. We aim to improve safety and work efficiency
by developing and commercializing AR technology for the industrial field.
We completed more than 60 projects in Korea with various clients including KEPCO, LG, KT,
and Doosan and so on. Recently, We raised is KRW 9 billion (over USD 7 million) in Series A
Product Information
1. VIRNECT Remote:Improve your work efficiency with remote collaboration 2.VIRNECT Make: Creation and Distribution of AR Content 3. VIRNECT View:Work can be promptly checked and recorded at the work site using AR 4.VIRNECT Twin:Most accurate method for checking the work site for best decision-making
  • Multi-party Remote Collaboration with AR
  • AR Visualization of Information and Data
  • Anyone can create industrial-use AR/VR contents
  • Virtual monitoring and simulation with data
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