VisualCamp Co., Ltd.
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Company Information
VisualCamp develops eye tracking software for mobile device(Smartphone/Tablet), VR/AR, PC, kiosk, and even automobile. In this COVID19 crisis, our eye tracking technology plays important role in education and proctoring detection area. It can monitor students whether they are paying attention to teacher during remote online class and filters students or testers who shows odd eye pattern(behavior) during the test. VisualCamp has been providing eye tracking solution to popular Korean education companies such as Kyowon.
Product Information
TrueGaze VR SDK and Analysis is the best product for diverse research using VR contents and 360degree contents. VisualCamp's VR eye tracking technology is the fast as 1ms latency with high accuracy. Also VR Analysis solution is platform based on web lets researcher to easily manage its experiments.
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