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Company Information
Dabeeo is a company specialized for spatial data from generation to management.
We have an indoor map platform 'IM STUDIO' that is suitable for indoor map service management.
It supports not only web and mobile platform to integrate with other service but also robot platform such as SLAM to operate. Dabeeo has experience for robot operation at Museum, supporting map viewing for customers and robot itself. Moreover, You cannot miss this cutting-edge technology that Dabeeo's indoor positioning system VPATH. It is vision data based AI technology through camera for finding users location. You can add AR contents to make a mixed reality service.
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Product Information
The Most Efficient Technology for Indoor Map

This indoor map platform is suitable for indoor map service management.
Try this and make your indoor service more visual.
  • Indoor Map Plarform IM STUDIO
  • Example2- Map for Autonomous Robot
  • Example1 - KIOSK
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