Reality MagiQ Inc.
Tel. 02-2060-1219
Company Information
The Reality MagiQ is a professional VR game developer. We provide high-quality VR e-sports game titles using multiple premium IPs to online and VR arcade sites. We also provide ‘MAGIC ARENA’, a Next-Gen. VR Arena for e-sports.
In SVAE 2020, We are looking for Global Distributors for ‘MAGIC ARENA’-the Next-Generation VR Arena for e-sports. We are also looking for Global Publishers & Marketing Partners for our new VR Title "SPACE BLOCK BUSTER".

- Awarded ‘Best Game Awards' prize at VR Game Competition of Seoul VR Expo, Korea
- Launch ‘Special Force VR: Infinity War’ in SteamVR Early Access
- Launch ‘Space Block Buster’ in SteamVR Early Access
- Launch 'Space Block Buster' in SpringboardVR and Oculus Early Access
Product Information
‘Space Block Buster’ is a game of targeting stages and defeating bosses with rackets and balls while traveling through a vast universe. It provides a colorful and fun experience that is exclusive in VR. Based on the rules of the breakout genre, it is reinterpreted into high-quality VR games.
  • Single-player mode (40 stages, 4 boss stages)
  • Challenge modes to get unlimited scores
  • Multiverse mode (PVP mode)
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