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Company Information
TEGway is a spin off company to the Korea Advanced Institution of Science and Technology (KAIST). TEGway is a company that specializes in making the world's first useable, flexible thermoelectric devices (FTED) and its applications. With this technology, we currently hold over 90 intellectual property rights including patent registration, licenses, and trademarks. We even won the grand prize for UNESCO Netexplo Award in 2015.
Through this technology, we have made ThermoReal is a thermal haptics device that allows the user to feel cold and hot temperatures along with their VR content. Through this wearable technology, we have won the 2020 CES Innovation Award!
Product Information
ThermoReal is a thermal haptic device that allows the users to feel hot and cold temperatures along with the scenes of VR, AR, game, movie, and other entertainment contents. ThermoReal has been made for the HMD (face), gloves, and sleeves areas. We also won the 2020 CES Innovation Award!
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  • ThermoReal
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