Jellypunch Co., Ltd.
Tel. 02-305-0926
Company Information
Jelly Punch Co., Ltd. is a venture company that develops non-face-to-face information service technology based on realistic content technology. This startup was established by the general manager who succeeded in the first digital human CG-based hologram performance (Kim Kwang-Seok hologram). Through continuous research and development, OntactVision, a two-way non-face-to-face guidance counseling service based on Facial Motion Tracking, was developed. To solve the shortcomings of the existing kiosk, which was difficult to use by the digital underprivileged (senior citizens, children, foreigners, etc.) who have difficulty accessing digital information, we implement a customer-friendly information service that allows people to meet in the non-face-to-face service.
Product Information
OntactVision is a non-face-to-face guidance solution that can be responded to any customer's request for help. This is a customer-friendly information system that allows you to talk to information staff (characters) in real-time and receive the information you need on-screen.
  • OntactVision logo
  • Provides guidance through various characters.
  • OntactVision can provide general guidance.
  • Information can be provided by the receptionist.
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