thinkingfriends, Co., Ltd.
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Company Information
AR/MR technology company THINKING FRIENDS, Co., Ltd.
Using AR/MR/AI technology, we strive to provide better service to users in preparation for the 5G and post-covid19.
AR/VR education platform, AR virtual surgery(medical) simulation, etc. have been produced and currently provides posture analysis home workout platform 'fitfriends'.
'fitfriends' uses AI technology to recognize posture by movement, provides services for users to conduct home training in the current posture, and provides a wide range of exercise programs in collaboration with trainers in various fields.
Product Information
'fitfriends' is an AI-based posture analysis home workout platform. 'fitfriends' helps women in their 20s and 30s exercise in the right posture alone at home to reduce their risk of injury and to achieve high exercise effects. Exercise contents in various fields such as pilates, yoga, PT, etc.
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