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Company Information
Hello, we are the company that consider customers for the first, Extriple co., ltd.
We do businesses which are developing IT convergence solution(H/W, S/W),
RIA(Rich Internet Application) project, 3D&Virtual(Augmented) reality, Web/SI.
Our moto is expert, value realization, top user experience, extremely thrilling, infinite expansion, stimulative and dynamic user interface, excutable and realizable goal. We always do our best to provide high-quality UI/UX and to construct on/off line environment. We wish to make customers satisfied with a big impression. We will encourage to be cutting-edge IT convergence company with customers as we make our technology to be provided everyone in the world through enthusiastic research and investment. Thank you.
Product Information
MetaVu-Remote provides intuitive and optimized communication by providing real-time communication and collaboration between 'field workers' and 'remote experts' of various industrial sites using XR based interactive video communication. workers and remote perform tasks quickly and efficiently.
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