bHaptics Inc.
Tel. 042-867-2468
Company Information
bHaptics Inc. is a full-body haptic solution company that is committed to bringing the haptic technology closer to your daily lives. We shift the paradigm of how people enjoy media by adding the send of touch, on top of sight and hearing. Just like how TV added the sense of sight to media, bHaptics’ Tactsuit adds the sense of touch to entertainment, shifting the paradigm of how we enjoy game, music, movies, and VR.
Suit up and start feeling gentle breeze touching the green leaves, cool rain pouring down and throbbing gunshots.
Product Information
Tactsuit is a wireless full-body haptic solution, which consists of a face cushion for HMDs, vest, wristband, and hand and foot covers. 70 individually controllable vibration actuators throughout the Tactsuit will deliver sensations to every part of your body.
  • Wearable Haptic Vest with a total of 40 vibration
  • 6 vibration points on each arm
  • Haptic Face Cushion for HMD with 6 vibration point
  • 3 vibration points for each hand/foot.
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