Phoenix Studio
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Company Information
Phoenix Studio Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive entertainment company that develops various IT businesses and games.
We have conducted various game launches and national projects.

We are the only company that combines the strengths of the game company with the advantages of the systematic management process through national projects.

We can develop the following.
1. Development of various contents and games using Unity and Unreal 4
2. VR simulator (the only domestic company that can develop software, content, and hardware)
3. Development of various mobile-based applications and games
4. Network-based server development and engine development

In addition, any business that requires software, content, and hardware development can be carried out.
Please feel free to contact us anytime.
Product Information
It is a simulator device that you can experience sea fishing, which is generally difficult to access.
Boarding a simulator, you can experience fishing on a boat on the real sea.
The Product is divided into various product groups.
A Variety of products can be organized for stores and individuals.
  • Virtual reality-based tangible fishing simulator
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