YoungLimWon Soft Lab Co., Ltd.
Tel. 02-2093-1100
Company Information
Established in 1993, Younglimwon Soft Lab (YLW), a Korean-based solutions provider, helps SMEs implement the best practices needed for business excellence. The company strikes the right balance between satisfying customer needs and creating cost-effective ERP customization, in turn, developing industry-specific solutions that clients can readily use without modification. Bolstered by advanced tools that enable effective management of business operations, YLW’s SystemEver and ACE products give organizations the much-needed competitive edge in the enterprise landscape. The cloud-based ERP products also deliver high visibility, smart insights and capabilities required to create intelligent business processes hile resolving the technical and financial problems SMEs face while operating an ERP.
Product Information
K-System Ace is enterprise-architecture solution coping with changes in business and technology environment
and business management integration system with latest information technology based on SOA
that providing standard process and service repository for various industries.
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