Daegu Health College LINC+
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Website. https://linc.dhc.ac.kr/
Company Information
Daegu Health University's LINC+ sets the 4.0 business map with the Medical, Entrepreneur, DHC, and Industry cities as a business vision, and sets and discovers and fosters a convergence new business in the IoT-based wellness industry that meets the 4th industrial revolution as a policy goal. I did it. We will lead the independence of the industry-academia-friendly university system, the establishment of a foundation for the advancement of industrial-educational cooperation in health care, a regional strategic industry, and the growth of the local industry.
Product Information

Overcome the limitations of simple recurrence in a limited environment by utilizing a virtual reality rehabilitation platform.

Virtual reality cardiopulmonary resuscitation training provides immersion in emergency situations.
  • Virtual Reality content capable of Rehabilitation
  • CPR training contents using VR/AR
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