Korea East West Power
Tel. 070-5000-1514
Website. https://ewp.co.kr
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As a leader of future energy industry which puts people and environments first, EWP is dedicated to constant innovation and change with creative mind.
Korea East-West Power operates power plants at Dangjin Coal-Fired Power Headquarters, Ulsan Coal-Fired Power Headquarters, Honam Coal-Fired Power Headquarters, Donghae Bio Fire Coal-Fired Power Headquarters, and Ilsan Coal-Fired Power Headquarters to develop and grow power generation resources and supply stable electric power. The installed capacity is approximately 11,217.2MW, which accounts for 8.8%of the domestic electric power. Out of the total installed capacity, the installed capacity for renewable energy such as mini hydro power, fuel cell, wind power, and biomass is 105.3MW, which accounts for 0.9% of the total installed capacity.
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