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Company Information
Our D'scrap software is a program that allows you to register products in bulk.
Usually, when you start an online shopping mall, you upload one product by hand.
It takes a lot of time. On the other hand, if you use D'scrap, you can register more than 1,000 products a day.
"Will it be sold simply by registering a lot of products?"
The answer was on Naver. Naver's sales logic has fairness.
Each registered product has a fair opportunity to be exposed to the top of Naver Shopping and is sold at that time.
In other words, the higher the number of registered products, the more opportunities to be exposed to the top, leading to sales.
The representative business owners of 1300 companies are with us ,
I can tell you from these figures that the revenue has been proven
Product Information
It is a solution that helps to collect and sell product sourcing collection that helps sourcing Chinese products optimized for overseas purchasing agents.
If you can speed up your product collection program by providing server 2/4/8
Online business can be started right away based on the Naver store.
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