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Company Information
Alphacircle is a company that makes VR video engines to improve the quality of VR images.
Because of the limitations of H/W such as smartphones and all-in-one HMDs that play VR images, image quality is one of the key obstacles that hinder the growth of VR contents market.
We offer a different level of VR experience through ALPHAView, which enables 8K 3D VR with 4 times the quality of traditional 3D VR. We have ALPHAview as our main product, and currently we are developing follow-up products which support real-time VR streaming.
In business, based on the solution we supplied to Genie Music, a music service company, VR K-pop album was successfully released at the end of last year. Starting with this project, we are preparing another killer contents to stimulate market with various partners.
Product Information
ALPHAView is a top-class VR imaging engine around the world. It uses encoding process and playback algorithms specialized in VR format, allowing users to experience 8Kx8K 3D VR in a seamless and comfortable way, no matter what direction they look at 360°.
  • ALPHAView is a world-class VR image engine
  • An high-definition VR content with our solution
  • ALPHAView improves proportionally to the device
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