Globepoint Inc.
Tel. 031-911-0609
Company Information
Established in 2012, we have developed VR/AR-based smart-learning contents and platforms.
We work with worldwide partners and developers to expertly obtain the most effective smart-learning contents needed to move online education from the conceptual stage to physical.

Management Philosophy
- GLOBEPOINT is a global EdTechcompany creating VR/AR smart-learning value.
- Creation Spirit that enables continuous innovation by pursuing 'first' and 'best'
- Ownership mastery that makes you pride and passion for work

Overseas History
- Quick-Chines Business Partnership
- DahHsin Publishing Group Partnership
- research for the Advancement of Innovative Learning at the University of Georgia [VR Learning and VR Contents] Business agreement
Product Information
) VRWARE School is a product for one person player targeted at 7-13 year old elementary students.
It is a tool to create a virtual space, become a 3D avatar character, explore the map created by the person and learn various subjects.
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