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Company Information
Started as a software-based technology and professional consulting company, SLEXN, Inc. is comprised of professional technicians in each technical field. We understand business environment of our customers and provide software technological infrastructure and technical services to global companies with the value and innovation of the IT industry.
SLEXN, Inc. provides the following services to customers:
+ Static Error Detection Tools
+ Security Vulnerability Management & SSF v2.0
+ Dynamic Testing Framework
+ Application Performance & Quality
+ IT Training & Expert Outsourcing
+ Project Engineering Solution
+ UML & SysML Modeling Tools
Product Information
- Platform9 is a Kubernetes management platform that supports private, edge, or hybrid clouds.
- SecretHub is a tool for securely managing database passwords, API tokens, and other confidential information.
- DreamFactory is an open source REST API middleware platform that provides RESTful services.
  • Platform9
  • DreamFactory
  • SecretHub
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