Motion Technologies, Inc.
Tel. 02-564-6610
Company Information
Motion Technologies has developed a motion capture technology and established a company to make contents using it.
Now we are the best motion capture company in Korea.
Motion Technology, Inc. has produced the first mechanical motion capture in Korea in 1999, and holds the motion capture patent. We have been doing various work related to motion capture.
Product Information
Black Badge Bootcamp is a VR content developed in-house by a game capable of E-Sports, which is a VR game developed against the backdrop of the future outer space. It was created using the IP address of the "Black Badge" series, and at least two people can enjoy playing with a maximum of 4 people.
  • Fight with infected robots defense the outpost.
  • You have to escape the virus spread world.
  • Fight with unknown creature and save the survivors
  • Become BlackBadge member after bootcamp training.