UNIVR Co., Ltd.
Tel. 042-625-4897
Website. http://www.univrworld.com
Company Information
We are a company specializing in VR/AR content and technology development based on the experience of researching virtual reality of the national research institute.
Our company has the capability of convergence technology development by designing and developing a complex of VR/AR contents and hardware, and utilizing our technology to deliver innovative technology development results in various fields such as experience zone, healthcare, education, etc. Provided to hospitals, museums and startups.
We continue innovative research and development with a wide range of business partners and set new milestones in the field of VR.
Our main focus is on cutting-edge healthcare items, and our goal is to use 4th industrial technology to contribute to human life.
Product Information
It is a home training product that works with games that can be used for fun exercise at home through games in VR or normal mode by attaching a sensor to a commercially available indoor bike and linking it with a smartphone.
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