VJ Center
Tel. 02-2165-0837
Website. www.vjcenter.com
Company Information
VJ Center is a one-person broadcasting company. In the meantime, we have prepared a lineup of one-person media solutions based on smartphones. This is an era called media revolution. I have been wondering how to create creative and global content at minimal cost. Additionally, I was naturally assigned to the unprotected situation. Introducing VJ Center's unique “digital face-to-face” solutions. (Switcher Studio app 5.0 + Kandao 360 camera + OTT platform + Zoom video conferencing + AI interpreter). Switcher Studio 5.0 is an iOS-based switching app. You can easily create various contents such as switching, editing, screen division, and remote interview of 9 screens. Take advantage of VJ Center's solutions, including artificial intelligence interpreters, 360-degree 8k cameras, and video con
Product Information
  • Qoocam 360 8k enterprise
  • Kandao 360 meeting for videoconference
  • Qoocam 360 8k camera
  • WT2 PLUS AI Translator
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