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Conference Time Table – Day 1
Seoul VR∙AR Conference DAY 1 - 19th April
TimeConference Room 1Conference Room 2
11:00~11:30[Keynote Speech]
The future of AR is already in your pocket
NIANTIC / 'Pokémon GO' Developer
Masashi Kawashima Director of Asia Pacific
11:30~12:00Steps to popularize VR
Park, Luke CEO
Your Business is ready for VR Innovation?
Nam, Hyowoo Client Solution Business Manager
12:00~14:00Lunch Break & Exhibition Visit
14:00~14:30The importance of building commercial relationships
with hardware providers in a burgeoning VR industry
Fallen Planet Studios / AFFECTED Series Developer
Alex Moretti Co-founder
Collaborative Cooperation Model for the VR Contents Industry – Fanta VR
Virtual Reality Contents Industry Association (VRCIA)
Kim, Dong Hyun President
14:35~15:05How to make people think they could die in VR
Toast VR / Richie’s Plank Experience Developer
Richard Eastes Co-founder
LOTTE World with VR AR
Lee, Jeong Joong Part Leader
15:05~15:20Break Time
15:20~15:50LWRP: New Render Pipeline of Unity for XR
Oh, John Evangelist
How eye and brain information is used to better understand VR users'
unspoken emotions during their VR experience
Looxid Labs
Chae, Brian Yongwook CEO
15:55~16:25IDC's Analysis and Outlook for the AR/VR Headset Market
Bryan Ma Vice President
Min, Mun Ho CEO
16:30~17:00New Gateway of VR development tool for Fashion, Art and Music
Nausharwan Mir CAO
Impact of VR on Psychology and Future Vision
KiM DoNg ChuL Psychotherapy CARE
Kim, Dong Chul Ph.D
17:05~17:35Impact of VR on Psychology and Future Vision
KiM DoNg ChuL Psychotherapy CARE
Kim, Dong Chul Ph.D
Conference Time Table – Day 2
Seoul VR∙AR Conference DAY 2 - 20th April
TimeConference Room 1Conference Room 2
11:00~11:30[Keynote Speech]
Present of Japanese VR market in location business and our VR strategy
CA Sega Joypolis
Akitoshi Ogawa Executive Producer, Chief Creative Advisor /
Kazuhiko Hayami Corporate Officer
11:30~12:00Recent trend in Japanese VR/AR industry and
landscape location based VR, business VR and “Virtual YouTuber“
Mogura VR
Shun Kubota Co-founder and Editor in Chief
Virtual reality (VR) content and service development strategy
Seokyeong University Department of Computer Engineering
Choi, Yong Suk Professor
12:00~14:00Lunch Break & Exhibition Visit
14:00~14:30The track of GREE VR Studio and the future challenge
Masashi Watanabe VR Studio Manager
VR adult content market and VR movie business
Jung, Woo Sung Planning and Management
14:35~15:05Until the birth of VR Arcade platform ‘VROADCAST’
Mun, Sung Hyun CTO
Current and Future of Haptic Peripherals for VR
Gwak, Kiuk CEO
15:05~15:20Break Time
15:20~15:50Branding Strategy in today's ICT world
Hong, Sunny Vice President
How to shoot VR content centered on stories
Moving Image Technology Association of Korea
Kim, Young Cheul President
15:55~16:25Heritage of Failure, 5 VR Projects
Studios Macrograph
Zo, Joshua VR Div. Director
Composition and characteristics of VR equipment
Jo, Hanbyul Director of photography
16:30~17:00Combination BM strategy to expand VR market
SKONEC Entertainment
Choi, Jeong Hwoan Vice President
Impact of VR on Psychology and Future Vision
KiM DoNg ChuL Psychotherapy CARE
Kim, Dong Chul Ph.D
17:05~17:35Stereo 3D 360 VR Workflow - Stereo 3D 360 Trend
Jeon, Sam CEO
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